Bay Area TeamBuilding

Jeff Werner CEO, 

Jeff as Chief Edutainment Officer, was among the very first experiential Corporate Interactive Team Builders in the area.

"I evolved over the years learning to inspire people to inspire themselves using interactivities that help people enjoy getting out of bed in the morning excited about their work and teams. Break down the walls with relationship building FUN!"

VP Ken of Amazon said, "If you get my people to do most of your activities we will see you regularly! We Loved'em all!"

You and Your Team!

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Katie and Richelle Werner

The ladies are natural born leaders and have almost as many years of experience as Jeff and Jordan, and they both bring the important creative ladies perspective to events!

Jordan River

Jordan adds creative ideas and collaborative enhancement to each event from beginning to end. Jordan also has years of interactive experience and is an expert at taking a concept and making a FUN activity out of it.

Our Team is Your Team!

Jeff Werner Jordan River &Associates